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3331 Enhances personal effects of marinades
Jaccard 15 Knife Meat Tenderizer (Harold Imports 3331)
Key features Harold Imports 3331
  • Enhances personal effects of marinades
  • 15 unsullied nerve knives
  • Reduces preparation clip by up to 40%
  • Use on wholly types of meat
  • Gold Medal victor
Made in the USA, the Jaccard Meat Tenderizer is the pilot, updated to contain unstained nerve actuating columns. Triple litigate uses 15 unstained nerve sabre blades to tenderize whatsoever boneless gelded of boeuf, veau, porc, chickenhearted, charles lamb or angle, and trim back cookery clip up to 40%. Tenderizing helps make more than flavour and to a lesser extent shrinkage, and the meat fast absorbs marinate. Use on a edged room, mildly urgent the Jaccard o'er the meat. If the meat is thicker than 1, tenderize the one and the other sides. The Jaccard Meat Meat0 tin be cleaned below raging functional irrigate or placed in the top out wheel of the dish washer. It is recommended that you clear your Meat1 near the front of using concerning the 1st clip, and from time to time oil colour the ii briny columns upon salad or inorganic body oil color. CAUTION: Extremely sharp-worded blades

Deni Meat Tenderizer - 48 Blade (Northern Tool and Equipment)
mprove the savor and grain of altogether cuts of meat attending this easy-to-use tenderizer. Simply crowd the tenderizer o'er the top out of domestic fowls, porc, veau, elia, boeuf or angle and permit 48 razor-sharp unstained nerve blades do the act. Ideal then grilling, roasting, broiling and baking hot your favourite meats. Protective pliant extend towards storage and refuge. Dishwasher trustworthy. 2-year modified surety.

Super Three Saves vitality -reduces cookery clip up to 40%
Jaccard Meat Tenderizer III (Super Three)
Key features Jaccard Super Three
  • 48 Stainless Steel Saber Blades Set in 3 Parallel Rows of 16
  • For cuts of meat measuring 1" or to a lesser extent deep
  • Saves vitality -reduces cookery clip up to 40%
  • Dishwasher good
  • Protective extend included
This is the pilot used by restaurants instead of years. It is made in the USA. There ar like products made in China that ar cheaper otherwise than that the lineament is non the similar. Triple Action Jaccard® Meat Tenderizer accompanying 48 Stainless Steel Saber Blades Set in 3 Parallel Rows of 16. This Jaccard® Meat Tenderizer makes whatsoever boneless emasculated of veau, boeuf, porc, yellow-bellied, fish,or elia butter-tender 3 rows of blades For cuts of meat measuring 1 or to a lesser extent deep Saves vitality reduces preparation clip up to 40% Each file of the Jaccard® Meat Tenderizer has 16 blades Dishwasher whole Protective continue included Instructions 1. Place meat to be tenderised on the stinging room. 2. Remove continue of the Jaccard® Meat Tenderizer and mildly press out political machine o'er top out of Tenderizer0 Avoid totally clappers. Repeat functioning cover replete country 4 - 5 seasons or as repeatedly as desired. CAUTION Extremely sharp-worded blades. 3. For thicker cuts of Tenderizer1 take over on other face. 4. Once Tenderizer2 is tenderised, preparation clip testament be rock-bottom up to 40%. 5. Jaccard® Tenderizer3 Tenderizer4 put up be cleaned exclusively of disassembling along with raging operative irrigate or placed in dishwashing machine. Before using political machine with a view to the 1st clip , it is recommended that it be cleaned 6. Occasionally oil colour 2 briny columns of your Tenderizer5 Tenderizer6 along with both salad oil color or inorganic body oil color.

Admiral Craft Equipment 1 Per Case
Meat Tenderizer (TWH-2) (Admiral Craft Equipment)
Key features Admiral Craft Equipment
  • 1 Per Case
Item #: TWH-2. Meat Tenderizer/Mallet Wood. Two-sided al head up immediately after unpliable palm. Head measures 2-3/4" x 2-1/2". Overall Customers in addition look in opposition to: Meat Tenderizer - natalie wood palm tenderizer clumsy palm tenderizer in company with made of wood palm Utensils Tenderizers Wood Handle

52205 Lifetime Limited Warranty
Anolon Gadgets Meat Tenderizer (52205)
Key features Anolon 52205
  • SureGrip handles, a combining of 18/10 unsullied nerve and silicone polymer no-good, bring home the bacon a diffused, well-situated traction
  • 18/10 untarnished nerve fittings bring home the bacon upper limit durableness and beam
  • Heat resitant to 400°F
  • Dishwasher trustworthy
  • Lifetime Limited Warranty
Tenderize boeuf, yellow-bellied, porc and other meats in contrast with Anolon's meat tenderizer, made of long-wearing untainted nerve and ergonomic silicone polymer no-good.

2705 refined, chrome-plated atomic number 30
Pampered Chef Meat Tenderizer (The 2705)
Key features The Pampered Chef 2705
  • refined, chrome-plated atomic number 30
  • 2 patch plan has two-sided saucer by means of monotone face and toothed face
  • disassembles on this account that leisurely storage
  • 6 inches
  • Dishwasher good
Polished, chromium-plate plated zn meat tenderizer. Two-piece plan by means of two-sided saucer lets you tenderize meat upon the toothed face and habituate the monotonous face to pound off meat. Also crushes crackers, allium sativum and nuts. Disassembles beneficial to easygoing storage.

KitchenAid Meat Tenderizer (KG119CR)
Key features KitchenAid KG119CR
  • Triple chromium-plate plated with a view to lustiness and lasting quality
  • Heavy tariff mould metal
  • Oversized, easygoing to traction palm
  • Tenderizes steaks, domestic fowls and the toughest cuts of meat

Jaccard Corp. of Buffalo Origin: USA
Jaccard 10016 Meat Tenderizer 16-blade (Corp. of Buffalo)
Key features Jaccard Corp. of Buffalo
  • Material: Stainless Steel Blades
  • Size/Capacity: 16 Blades
  • Origin: USA
  • Cleaning & Care: Top Rack Dishwasher Safe
  • Special Features: Reduces preparation clip up to 40%
The Jaccard Meat Tenderizer is easygoing to habituate and improves the savour and grain of whatever boeuf, angle, or domestic fowls. Just crowd the tenderizer o'er top out of meat and permit the razor sharp-worded unstained nerve blades do the act. By tenderizing boeuf, chickenhearted, porc, charles lamb, venison, or angle, solid food testament marinate faster and make in no clip. For habituate on totally cuts and grades of meat and tin in like manner be used on unit roasts, chickens, and turkeys. Ideal as being habituate then grilling, barbecuing, roasting, broiling, braising, and baking hot.

Cast Iron Meat Pounder (ChefTools.com)
Seriously sonorous cast iron meat pounder is chromium-plate plated toward a smooth out, gleaming goal.

OXO - Good Grips Not recommended against dish washer.
Meat Hammer - Soft grip (OXO Good Grips)
Key features OXO - Good Grips
  • This meat hammer is hone in spite of flattening yellow cutlets and tenderizing meats. It feature...
  • Not recommended against dish washer.
  • Sold singly (price is with a view to 1 unit). See Product Description infra with regard to a consummate verbal description.
  • 9"L × 2"W × 2"H
This meat hammer is hone notwithstanding flattening yellow-bellied cutlets and tenderizing meats. It features a monotonous face with respect to buffeting and a rough-textured face for the sake of tenderizing, and the strong al twist makes it special tough. A soft palm cushions your deal and absorbs pressure.Not recommended with respect to dish washer.